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The Autism Society relies upon the tremendous work and support of our local and state affiliates. Local and state affiliates are the primary approach through which the Autism Society helps individuals and families throughout the United States.

The Autism Society has local affiliates, state affiliates or a combination of both in almost every state. Our local affiliates serve various cities, towns and counties through the United States. State affiliates may serve the entire state or the communities not served by the local affiliates. If a local community does not have an affiliate serving its residents, the Autism Society National office supports the needs of individuals and families by providing Information and Referral services, advocacy and education. Use the map above to find your local or state affiliate.

Each Autism Society affiliate is its own organization with its own governing board making decisions that best support the needs of families and individuals impacted by autism in their local community and/or state. Each Autism Society affiliate adheres to the highest standards of excellence; these standards include signed policies and statements concerning:

  • Autism Society Options Policy
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest and Ethics
  • Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Record Retention and Document Destruction Policy
  • Whistle Blower Policy
  • 990 Financial Documents
  • Responsiveness
  • Service quality and community impact
  • Fiscal controls, good business practice and governance

Through the exchange of resources, problem-solving ideas, understanding personal struggles, celebrating individual successes and sharing “lessons learned”, affiliates can make your journey with autism a little bit easier. Most affiliates are volunteer-led by groups of parents, professionals and community leaders; Autism Society affiliates provide:

  • Information and Referral services assisting individuals to find education assistance, recreational/social activities, support groups and other autism related programs and services.
  • A supportive place where individuals on the spectrum, their families or others affected by autism can find help and guidance at any point in their lives.
  • A sense of community, where you can find encouragement, comfort and companionship. Affiliates can assist with locating autism friendly and inclusive places and activities.
  • Advocate at the local and/or state levels to implement changes in systems where improvement is needed so that all of those affected by autism may live a high quality of life.
  • Awareness and education through newsletters, speaker series, conferences, trainings and much more.

As the first national autism organization, the Autism Society’s strong foundation is based around its affiliates. Fueled by passion and the desire to support all touched by autism, the Autism Society’s Affiliate Network has grown throughout the years but still holds true to the belief that the best source of information and support comes at the grassroots level.

Use the map above to find your local or state affiliate.