Panel of People on the Spectrum of Autism

The Autism Society’s Board of Directors maintains a Panel of People on the Spectrum of Autism Advisors (PSA). This volunteer panel provides expertise and guidance to the Autism Society in all aspects of its work. The panel includes some of the most recognized and influential names in the autism community.

Panel Members:


Lars Perner, Ph.D., Chairpersonlarsperner

Lars Perner is an assistant professor of clinical marketing at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California. He holds a Ph.D. in marketing from USC and an MBA and B.A. in political science and psychology from the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He currently teaches marketing fundamentals and travels with MBA students on firm visits in Japan. He maintains websites and creates podcasts on both marketing and the autism spectrum. In retrospect, Dr. Perner finds it ironic that he chose a profession that is essentially focused on theory of mind.

Dr. Perner’s main research interests center on consumer behavior, nonprofit fundraising and “win-win” deals. He became interested in the autism spectrum after being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 1996, and he has since written extensively on this topic, including his essay entitled “If I’d Known Then What I Know Now: Reflections on Life on the Autism Spectrum.”

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 Darrius Frazierdarrius-frazier

Darrius Frazier is a post-baccalaureate studying physical education at Eastern Illinois University. He has earned several degrees: business administration and African-American studies, both in 2005, and kinesiology and sports studies in 2011. Darrius has varied experience in athletic-related event management and hopes to pursue a career as a sports broadcaster.

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Dena L. Gassner, MSWdena-gassner

Dena Gassner is the 2009 winner of the Jo Andrews Award from Nashville’s Mayor’s Committee on Disability for outstanding disability advocacy by a person living with disabilities. She has been featured in the “No Myths” public service announcement and an online video for the Dan Marino Foundation. Ms. Gassner is a presenter for HEALTH Education Network, LLC, in her second national tour speaking about vulnerabilities in Asperger’s Syndrome. Her personal mantra empowers people to leave shame and inadequacy behind for an empowered life embracing autistic authenticity. Ms. Gassner owns a private practice, the Center for Understanding, in Nashville, which is the only adult Asperger program in the region. The Center for Understanding brings in nationally recognized speakers and provides teen and adult support programs, caregiver recreational events and intensive one-to-one support.

In addition to national training for the Autism Society, Penn State, ASA SC, the National Association of Developmental Disability Directors and Jewish Vocational Services, Ms. Gassner is a frequent presenter at statewide events such as the Mega Conference, Tennessee Voices, Positive Behavioral Supports, and the Tennessee Department of Education Special Education Conference. She is an advisory board member for the Autism Society and an executive board member for the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP).

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 David A. Georgedavid-george

David A. George graduated from Bethany College in 1992. David is the author of a self-published book entitled Be Unique Be You and Live! and has presented at several autism conferences. David is a hardcore music lover who embraces many different genres. David has the astute mind of a sensitive artist and is a critical thinker and communicator of philosophy and psychology. David is currently employed at a local bank.

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Sharisa Joy Kochmeistersharisa-joy-kochmeister

Sharisa Joy Kochmeister is a writer/advocate/researcher/educator regarding the rights of children and adults with disabilities. She holds an honors degree in sociology and psychology from the University of Denver. Ms. Kochmeister publishes and manages a new electronic free magazine called The Voices and Choices of Autism. She was appointed by two consecutive governors to the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council and is now an elected executive committee member of that board. Ms. Kochmeister conducts on-site seminars, needs assessments and in-service training at many organizations and schools. She is as an expert consultant/advocate in the areas of disabilities, communication, assistance, adaptive technology and inclusive education, and has delivered keynote addresses in a variety of venues. She is a published poet, author and songwriter, and her life story has been featured in journals, print media and broadcast media. She also writes poetry and stories.

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 Kerry Magrokerry-magro

Kerry Magro started his own nonprofit organization, KFM Making a Difference, focused on housing, advocacy and scholarship opportunities for individuals with autism. Kerry holds a master’s degree in strategic communication, which he received in May 2013 from Seton Hall University. In 2007, as a high school senior, Kerry won the Autism Society’s CVS All Kids Can Scholarship. Kerry was named the 2011 Autism Society’s Outstanding Individual with Autism award and was recognized by The Autism Research Foundation with the 2012 Margaret L Bauman Award for Advocacy in the autism community. In addition to consulting, he has started a full-time position at Autism Speaks as a social marketing coordinator. From 2010 to 2012, Kerry consulted on Todd Graff’s motion picture Joyful Noise, assisting in the portrayal of one of the characters, Walter, who plays the role of a teenager on the spectrum. In addition, Kerry has written a novel called Defining Autism from the Heart.

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Sondra Williamssondra-williams

Sondra Williams is a person diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which she refers to as “high-functioning autism.” She is married and has four children, all of whom are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Ms. Williams is the grandmother of Delaney, who is developing typically so far. She is an author, speaker and presenter, and says when in these roles, “she feels successful for a brief moment in her life.” Ms. Williams enjoys many interests, primarily trees, cultures and writing poetry.

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