Strategic Plan

Autism Society’s Strategic Plan 2011-2012

The Autism Society’s board of directors has engaged in a detailed strategic planning process defining the organization’s goals and activities to best address the growing needs of all living with autism.

This effort was spearheaded by our Strategic Planning Committee, co-chaired by Lars Perner and Barbara Becker-Cottrill. Special thanks go to Lars and Barbara for all of their work and insightful assessment on the needs of with the autism community and how the Autism Society can most significantly impact those needs.

This strategic plan builds on our previous 5-year strategic plan. The planning process started at the beginning of 2011 and was unanimously approved by our board of directors on July 5, 2011.

When we started this process, we all agreed that we had to address some serious short-term needs, for the entire Autism Society, (local and state chapters as well as the national office). In addition, we concluded that the strength of the entire network occurs when we are all strong and financially able to do our jobs each and every day. No longer can be simply promote “band-aid” approaches to our needs, but we must now define, collectively, how we can best meet all of the needs of our network. As we have often said, only by working together will we be our strongest.

The plan recognizes and respects that each state and community is different in approach and make-up, but it also acknowledges that the Autism Society must define and achieve measurable outcomes as a system to prove our ongoing value and worth. Critical national needs are getting all children showing signs of autism properly diagnosed by age three, individuals transitioning from school prepared to be successful adults, and addressing the growing needs of our adult population, so that individuals can maximize their autonomy, independence and self-sufficiency.

The plan calls for local and state chapters to be the “go to” entity in every community and facilitate regular discussions on how their respective service areas can best address the needs of those living with autism.

The Autism Society’s Strategic Plan requires a lot from all of us, especially the national staff and board of directors. It also puts the emphasis on chapters to be leaders in their community and state. To this end, we must have chapters that assure adherence to the highest level of accountability, transparency and responsiveness in their community. We look forward to working with our entire network to implement this important effort.

Jim Ball, Autism Society Chairman
Scott Badesch, President and Chief Operating Officer

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