Strategic Plan

Autism Society’s Strategic Plan 2014-2015

In 2014, one year from its 50th anniversary, the Autism Society began strategic planning; a very thorough process was initiated to examine how best the organization could continue to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of individuals and families impacted by autism throughout the nation. In July 2015, the year-long effort culminated with a very comprehensive strategic plan approved by the Autism Society’s Board of Directors.

The 2015 Strategic Plan was developed with one goal in mind – how can the Autism Society best help the over three million individuals with an autism diagnosis maximize their quality of life throughout their lifespan. Per the Autism Society’s goal of helping a person throughout their life, the plan was developed to identify lifespan milestones that enable all with an autism diagnosis to progress to achieving the highest quality of life possible throughout the individual’s life. Additionally, to assure responsiveness to individuals and families as well as donors, the Autism Society will begin measuring our success by assessing lifespan outcomes being achieved.

Click here to view the specific outcomes identified in the 2015 plan.

Last updated: August 26, 2015