By Scott Badesch, Autism Society President and CEO

If you thought the previous attempts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act were bad, the latest proposal, the Graham-Cassidy bill, is much worse. While the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has yet to score the bill, an initial review suggests the bill cuts Medicaid funding more severely, significantly impact a state’s ability to help the poor and those with a disability, endangers protections for preexisting conditions, allows waivers to eliminate essential health benefits,  and results in millions losing access to affordable health care.

Again, we are witnessing Congress attempt to pass repeal legislation without adequate time to allow the millions to be impacted by this bill to weigh in on the proposal. Additionally, there is an all-out effort pass the Graham-Cassidy bill before September 30, since after that date, the bill requires 60 votes to pass.

Please right after you read this, immediately call your senators (202-224-3121) and tell them vote NO on Graham Cassidy Bill. Here is what you can say:
–          VOTE NO without a CBO score on the final version of the bill the Senate votes on
–          DO NOT vote on any repeal legislation without providing ample opportunity for legislators and the general public to understand how the bill will affect the American people.
–          VOTE NO unless you have full confidence that the bill will not harm the poor or people with disabilities.

Please urge your social media followers, supporters, and friends to do the same! We need all hands on deck over the next 10 days to ensure this dangerous bill does not pass.