Each week The Autism Society recognizes a particular Affiliate that has done great work in promoting our mission of improving the lives of all affected by autism. This week, we would like to recognize The Autism Society of Minnesota for the incredible work they do!

The Autism Society of Minnesota has been very busy lately; just this past Wednesday they hosted a workshop for over 350 people with world renowned psychologist Tony Attwood. The training, called “an Aspies Guide to Life’s Challenges” was designed to educate people related to autism in a variety of ways, from parents of children with autism, to educators and therapists.

In addition to their very special programming, the Autism society of Minnesota provides a variety of services to people in the community. They run one of the nation’s oldest summer camps designed specifically for children on the spectrum, coming up on their 40th summer in 2017. They also provide counseling services to more than 300 teens and adults on the spectrum, as well as screening services for a variety of people in the community.

Thank you to the incredible team at The Autism Society of Minnesota for all the hard work you do to forward our mission!

For more information about The Autism Society of Minnesota, click HERE