Each week The Autism Society recognizes a particular Affiliate that has done great work in promoting our mission of improving the lives of all affected by autism. This week, we would like to recognize The Autism Society of Indiana for the incredible work they do!

The Autism Society of Indiana has been incredibly dedicated to the cause by holding training sessions, support groups, and community events. In addition to all of their incredible direct and community support options, the Autism Society of Indiana has partnered with Delta Airlines and the Indianapolis Airport Authority to host their event, Soaring for Autism, on November 5th. Soaring for Autism offers people with autism the opportunity to go through a ‘dry run’ of going through security, boarding a plane, and taking a flight to help reduce stress when real travel occurs.

The Autism Society of Indiana is also pioneering a new Transition Assitance program called No Limits. The No Limits program is designed to help bring more awareness of the topic of transition to individuals on the spectrum who are 14 years and older. This session will help those individuals—and their families—start thinking about transition, start planning, and start taking steps in the right direction.

Thank you to the incredible team at The Autism Society of Indiana for all the hard work you do to forward our mission!