Autism 101: Online Course 14


Services such as speech, physical, and occupational therapy may be covered by the family’s health insurance plan or Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid). Parents and physicians can work together to understand what services insurance plans provide for children with autism. Parents are advised to:

  • Review your insurance materials and contact your case manager. Contact your insurance company to request the most up-to-date plan materials. After reviewing the materials, contact the insurance company to get the name of your case manager. The case manager can provide additional information and assistance as he or she oversees your child’s case.
  • To understand your insurance plan fully, enlist your physician’s help. After reading through your insurance plan, ask your physician what sort of referrals might be made and if there are local specialists who might be of assistance. Are there other physicians within the practice that focus on autism?
  • Check to see if supplementary health insurance for children with autism is available in your state. All states offer coverage for people with disabilities through Medicaid; however, income eligibility varies. Some states offer special health plans for people with disabilities, often through the Division of Medical Assistance.


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