The Future

Understanding of the autism spectrum has increased in recent years. Now, with appropriate treatment, many people with autism are active, participating members of their communities. People with ASD can learn to compensate for and cope with their challenges, often quite well. While each individual is unique, it may help to know that:

  • Children with ASD are learning in classrooms with and from their neuro-typical peers.
  • Students with ASD continue their education beyond high school. Some people with ASD graduate from college, and go on to get advanced degrees.
  • Adults with ASD, even those who face challenging symptoms, are capable of holding jobs in the community.
  • More people with ASD are living in a home or community on their own or with roommates.
  • People with ASD are becoming self-advocates. Networks exist where people can share information, support each other and have their voices heard in the public arena. People with ASD attend and/or speak at conferences and workshops on autism. People with ASD are affecting public policy.
  • People with ASD are providing valuable insight into their challenges by publishing articles and books and by appearing on TV.