Autism and the Environment 101: Online Course 22

Are There Treatments for Toxic Exposures?

If you define being poisoned as having a toxic exposure so strong it kills you or makes you desperately ill, most people are not poisoned.  The problem is when people assert that if you’re not poisoned then you’re okay.  As we have discussed, even carrying a toxic body burden that doesn’t kill you can potentially have both biological and behavioral consequences.

While many focus on behaviors without considering the underlying biology, behavioral consequences of these exposures are rooted in the underlying biology, which includes toxic impacts on cells in brain and body. Toxins interfere with normal regulation of the activities of the body’s cells, organs and systems. Therefore, it is important for us to learn how to understand and help with these biological impacts and the toxic exposures that can trigger them. Just as behavioral treatments help children regulate their behavior and communication more effectively, biomedical treatments that aim at helping the body’s biology to return to normal regulation may also have a place.   


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