Autism and the Environment 101: Online Course 25

Where Can I Get More Information?

The Autism Society released a special edition of its magazine, Autism Advocate, in December 2006. The sole focus of this issue was on Autism and the Environment with articles written by leading professionals and those on the front-line of this exciting research.

The Autism Society website has an Environmental Health and Autism section that includes the following:

  • The mission of the Autism Society’s Environmental Health Initiative
  • The complete December 2006 issue of the Autism Advocate plus many additional articles
  • Frequently Asked Questions related to environmental health and autism
  • Links to articles from researchers and professionals in the field
  • A glossary of terms
  • Overviews of environmental health policy and current research
  • Links to related Web sites, publications, and organizations

Please stay tuned for Autism and the Environment 201, a more detailed and intensive course, which will be posted on the Autism Society website soon.

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