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Our Mission: To provide information and referrals, advocacy and support for individuals with ASD and their families; to help families identify qualified professionals in their communities; to assist families in securing benefits and services provided by law; and, to promote lifelong opportunities for persons with autism spectrum disorder in order to be fully included members of their communities.

Our Vision: All individuals throughout Louisiana affected by ASD will enjoy
better quality lifestyles.

Target Population: All persons with ASD located throughout Louisiana

Autism Society-Louisiana is a coalition of regional chapters  providing a network of families who offer support and experience.

Autism Society-Louisiana provides biennial statewide educational conferences in which professionals in the field of autism present current information.  On alternate years, when possible, workshops for professionals and families are provided.

Our extensive resource guide and educational materials are distributed as needed. Our resource guide is updated continually to help families navigate through the maze of options in their region and statewide.  Autism Society – Louisiana does not endorse or recommend any specific type of therapy, individual or group; instead, we offer this collection as a guide for families to help them determine what may be their best option based on their own unique needs.

Support and assistance through our 800 phone line is available as needed. Families may contact us for one-to-one assistance and support.  They are also connected to their local chapters for additional support.

We collaborate with DOE, DHH and other state entities as needed for services affecting the autism community statewide. In addition, we work with other support organizations to educate communities and their leaders in regard to the needs of Louisiana citizens with autism.

We offer advocacy for individuals in all aspects of their lives and throughout the life span, including but not limited to, community life options, housing, health and medical options, educational, vocational and career options, and legislative issues affecting the autism population in our state.

Education:  Autism Society-Louisiana continues to work with our lawmakers statewide to educate them regarding legislation affecting individuals with autism.  Educating our communities throughout Louisiana continues to be effective in assisting those with autism to live productive and inclusive lives within their own communities.

Help Us Help You!

Autism Society-Louisiana has been providing support and advocacy, educational opportunities through conferences and workshops and extensive resource information for families with autism statewide for over 38 years through the help of donations.

Autism Society-Louisiana is a 501-C3 and is a participant in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).    Our CFC number is: 41581

All donations are appreciated and utilized 100% for the purpose of helping families
and individuals with autism throughout Louisiana. All individuals with ASD throughout Louisiana have the right to the quality of life they deserve within their communities, schools and in their home environment.

A donation of any amount individually, through your Charitable Employee Matching Gifts Program or through the Combined Federal Campaign is greatly appreciated.

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