2014 Awards

The Autism Society would like everyone who submits a nomination to know they are all worthy of receiving an award. We wish we could give an award to each person. Just being entered for an award shows that this person or the work submitted has had an influence in the autism field.

Awards to be Presented before Friday, July 25, 2014 General Sessions

Adam Heavner Memorial Award for Employer of the Year
Rising Tide Car Wash

Presented to an organization or company that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the advancement, effective transition, or meaningful employment of an individual on the autism spectrum.

Audrey I. Horne Memorial Award for Volunteer of the Year
Alberto M. Carvalho

Given to an individual or organization that has made an enduring contribution to improving adult services and the quality of life for those individuals living on the autism spectrum.

Autism Society Volunteer of the Year
Joanne Healy

An award presented to an individual volunteer whose work has positively influenced the lives of individuals, parents, and professionals addressing autism in his or her community or nationally.

Dr. Cathy Pratt Autism Professional of the Year
Kathy Gould

Awarded to a professional in the field of autism who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishment in terms of contributing to the life/lives of individuals with autism and/or to the cause of autism in general.

Awards to be Presented before Saturday, July 26, 2014 General Sessions

Autism Society Affiliate of the Year
Autism Society Minnesota

Presented to an Autism Society affiliate that has effectively worked together to use its resources and members to positively influence the lives of individuals, parents and professionals coping with autism in their community.

Dr. Temple Grandin Outstanding Literary Work of the Year
Leah’s Voice by Lori DeMonia

The Asperkid’s Secret Book of Social Rules by Jennifer O’Toole

Any item published or copyrighted within the last five years that positively affects the life of an individual or family member impacted by autism.

Outstanding Advocate of the Year
Kate Palmer, M.A., CCP, CAS

Demonstration of exceptional dedication, effort or achievement. Areas to be considered can include, but should not be limited to: academics, the arts, athletics, community service, employment, extracurricular activities, transitions or independent living skills.

Outstanding Research of the Year
Lisa Croen, Ph.D.

Awarded to an individual or organization that has provided the autism community with meaningful progress and advancement in the field of applied research.