2017 Holiday Giving Catalog

Auction Items


Lunch with Mark Cuban

Click here to bid for a chance to win lunch with business magnate and entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

Lunch with Temple Grandin

Click here to bid for a chance to win lunch with Temple Grandin in either a city in which she is speaking or at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Estimated Value: $2,500.00
Donated by: Temple Grandin

Lunch with NASCAR Driver, Ricky Stenhouse

Click here to bid for a chance to win lunch with NASCAR race car driver and participant in the 2017 Chase, Ricky Stenhouse, during Chili Bowl Race Week!
Estimated Value: $2,500.00
Donated by: Ricky Stenhouse

Watch Batting Practice with 4 Infield Grandstand Tickets to a Boston Red Sox Game

Click here to bid for a chance to win 4 infield grandstand tickets to a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park during the 2018 regular season. Also enjoy pre-game access to view batting practice!

Estimated Value: $2,500.00
Donated by: Boston Red Sox

Holiday Gift Giving

On this Holiday Season, the Autism Society of America is featuring a Holiday Catalog Online Store that will provide a wonderful listing of holiday gifts. The catalog will include: 1) Gifts produced by agencies that employ autistic individuals who are paid at least a minimum wage and, 2). Gifts that are produced by self employed autistic entrepreneurs. The Catalog will also include opportunities for people to bid online for gift experiences.

If you are an agency or entrepreneur that identifies with the above, and you are interested in having your product featured in the 2017 Holiday Catalog, please contact Kayleigh Millet at kmillet@autism-society.org or Lindsey Nebeker at lnebeker@autism-society.org.

Extraordinary Ventures
Extraordinary Ventures (EV) is a Chapel Hill, NC based nonprofit that employs adults with developmental disabilities. Each high quality product sold directly employs adults with autism and other developmental disabilities at sustainable wages with potential for raises.

Premium Hot Apple Cider Soy Candle 
Product Description: Our Hot Apple Cider Soy Candle is hand-poured and packaged in our in-house candle-making room by adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Bring the welcoming aroma of fall inside your home with the scent of hot apple cider spiced with clove, orange and mild hints of cinnamon.

Cranberry Candy Cane Double Wick Soy Candle

Price: $19
Product Description: Here’s the perfect candle for holiday gifting. Our double wicked cranberry candy cane soy candles burn for over 80 hours and emit a sugary, minty, scent that’s perfect for this time of year.
Link: https://gifts.evnc.org/shop/cranberry-candy-cane-scented-candle/?utm_source=asa&utm_medium=catalog&utm_campaign=2017holiday

Christmas Tree Candle Tin

Price: $10
Product Description: Our Christmas Tree Candle Tin emits rich scents of pine with woody undertones. Enjoy its rich aromas as this candle burns.
Link: https://gifts.evnc.org/shop/christmas-tree-candle-tin/?utm_source=asa&utm_medium=catalog&utm_campaign=2017holiday

Vee Meadows

Born This Way (Autism Song)
Price: $5.99
Description: CD and clear sleeve (plus 2 bonus tracks)

*Note: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the Autism Society.

Download and Purchase Link: https://www.vcountafitwear.com/born-this-way-song.html

Born This Way (Autism Song)

Price: $0.99
Description: Digital download

*Note: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the Autism Society.

Download and Purchase Link: https://www.vcountafitwear.com/store/p139/BORN_THIS_WAY_%28song%29_Instant_Digital_Download_.html



Give the Gift of Support

During the holiday season, make a gift of support to families and individuals in the autism community around the nation who are in need.


Help place a smile on a child with autism who is able to attend a sensory friendly film inside a movie theater.

Working in partnership with AMC Theatres, the Autism Society has been able to offer the ‚ÄúSensory Friendly Films‚ÄĚ program as a special opportunity for individuals living with autism and others to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment on a monthly basis. These screenings are made available at many participating AMC locations across the country.


To learn more about our ‚ÄúSensory Friendly Films‚ÄĚ program, please visit: https://www.autism-society.org/get-involved/other-ways-to-get-involved/sensory-friendly-films/.

Help provide access for 10 Affiliate leaders to a Learning Management System for critical organizational training.

Every year, the Autism Society of America helps close to 400,000 people through its work and the work of its 91 Affiliates… from helping parents and students with autism develop effective educational plans with their schools, to helping elderly parents transition from the care and support for their children on the autism spectrum to another caregiver. Help us continue and expand our efforts!


Help parents of a child who has received an autism diagnosis learn that they have a friend for life with the Autism Society.

Today, 1 out of 68 children are diagnosed with autism. The Autism Society of America and its 91 local Affiliates are there each day to help parents learn more about autism, and how best to support the needs of their newly diagnosed son or daughter.


Help employ an adult with autism as a result of an employment initiative from the Autism Society.

Help the Autism Society of America continue its efforts on advancing the employment of adults with autism. With close to 70% of adults on the spectrum unemployed or under-employed and 50,000 autistic individuals becoming adults each year, the Autism Society of America is working daily with employers, families, schools to help create autism friendly working environments, as well as helping students and adults on the autism spectrum to advance their employment potential.


Help provide an entire year of Intranet access for all Autism Society Affiliate leaders — where they can receive program support, marketing resources, and fundraising development resources, enabling our Autism Society Affiliates to improve the lives of families and individuals living in autism in our local communities.


Help one adult on the autism spectrum attend the Autism Society’s 2018 National Conference.
Each year, the Autism Society of America holds an annual conference to advance the opportunities and wellbeing for all living with autism. Since many adults with autism live on incomes below the poverty level, the Autism Society seeks out sponsors to provide financial assistance for an adult on the autism spectrum to attend the conference.


Help 25 people impacted by autism receive information and referral services to maximize their quality of life.

Every month, the Autism Society‚Äôs National Contact Center, AutismSource‚ĄĘ, serves over 20,000 people information and resources on where to turn to for guidance and support.


The AutismSource‚ĄĘ contact center is available to take calls, emails and letters Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm (US Eastern Time). Connect to our comprehensive service via our toll-free number, 800-3AUTISM (800-328-8476) or info@autism-society.org, and through the largest online referral database of autism services, AutismSource‚ĄĘ.

Consider the following…


Single month membership of Spotify Premium: $10

Basic manicure at a nail salon: $20+

Sweater that you plan to wear in the next ugly sweater contest: $35

One year membership of Amazon Prime: $99

One year subscription to SiriusXM Radio (‚ÄėAll Access‚Äô package): $240

Full price of a new iPhone X: $999+

Helping the Autism Society advance opportunities for every individual on the autism spectrum to have the highest quality of life: Priceless.