Individual on the Spectrum

While it is now common knowledge that roughly 1 in every 68 American children is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, there is a dearth of statistics about, and services for, adults on the spectrum. According to author and autism advocate Linda Davis, “Assuming that rate holds, by 2016, less than a decade from now, the number of American adults (those 22 and over) with autism is expected to be nearly 1.5 million.” The Autism Society realizes the needs of adults on the autism spectrum are different than those of children and need to be addressed through a variety of service systems. The goal for our society should be adults who are gainfully employed, are in living situations that are as independent as possible, and who have healthy, enjoyable social and community outlets. For those individuals who may not be able to achieve all of these milestones, it is crucial they be supported throughout the lifespan to ensure the highest quality of life possible.

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