August Autism Matters: Spotlight on Services

Looking for help? Call Autism SourceTM seven days a week for assistance

The Autism Society’s contact center, Autism SourceTM, assists those who may not know where to begin or where to turn when faced with the challenges of autism. Looking for help often means locating dozens of websites and searching through a maze of agencies and services in the hopes of finding one that can provide the services or support you need. Autism Source provides trained staff to connect you to resources in your community.

Autism service dogs

Many people on the spectrum have found that the presence of a canine companion makes it easier to get through the day. Service dogs can keep children from wandering, provide sensory stimulation, reduce stress and alert caregivers to danger. Service dogs may cost tens of thousands of dollars, though some organizations make them more accessible. When looking for a good service dog, it’s important to verify that the dog has been properly trained by qualified professionals.