July Autism Matters: Scott’s Message


July Autism Matters: Scott’s Message

As we commemorate the birthday of our nation, we at the Autism Society are working closely with Congress on the Autism CARES Act (formerly the Combating Autism Reauthorization Act). The Autism Society has worked very closely with congressional leaders and their staff on this bill. We were an active part of discussions on the mark-up of the bill, and almost all of our recommendations were incorporated into the legislation.

We applaud the leadership of Reps. Chris Smith and Mike Doyle on developing the House bill. That bill has now passed the House, and the Senate bill is very similar to it. We commend Sens. Robert Menendez and Tom Harkin and their staff for their leadership on the senate bill. We and our partners in CARES advocacy spoke with Sens. Harkin, Warren, Franken, Hatch and others about the act on behalf of the autism community to support his important act.

We anticipate the bill will be passed soon by the Senate and signed into law by President Obama. We thank the key partners we have worked with on this effort, including the Arc, the Association of University Centers on Disabilities and Autism Speaks.  While we might not have been the most vocal in our work on this bill, I can assure you that our efforts have been as significant as any other organization’s. We believe it is best to work with others on this effort and promote our collaborative efforts.

Scott Badesch, president/CEO