More Autism Opportunities: February 2014


57 Days until National Autism Awareness Month, April 2014.

Celebrate “A Better World for Autism” this April! Thanks to advocacy efforts of many autism groups; the Autism Society along with thousands across the country will be celebrating National Autism Awareness Month this April. The theme for 2014 National Autism Awareness Month is “A Better World for Autism.” National Autism Awareness Month is a chance to highlight autism and its increasing prevalence. It is critical that we continue to learn how Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) impacts individuals on the spectrum and their families. Visit our National Autism Awareness Month webpage often as we add more information on how you can celebrate and materials and resources to hold your own Autism Awareness event in your hometown. One of the easiest ways to mark this special month is to wear one of the Autism Society’s Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbons. Visit our shop page. Ready. Set. Go.—Put on the Puzzle!

Help the Global and Regional Asperger’s Syndrome Partnership (GRASP) Fund Free Educational Workshops for Adults on the Spectrum! All You Need To Do is Vote!!!
From Now until February 12th, you can vote once per day to help us win! Ulster Savings Bank, in upstate New York, is offering funding opportunities for approved Non-Profit organizations through Facebook. The agency with the most votes wins!

First Place: $ 3000
Second Place: $ 1500
Third Place: $ 500

  1. Here is what you need to do:
  2. Click on the above link
  3. Like Ulster Savings Bank’s Facebook Page
  4. Click on the “Vote” link
  5. Find “GRASP” in the list of agencies
  6. Click “Vote”
  7. Repeat each day until February 12th
  8. Share with your friends!!!

Evidence-Based Practices for Children and Youth with Autism

The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders has released its much-anticipated update on evidence-based practices for children and youth with autism. Scientists at UNC’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute spearheaded the project, screening 29,000 articles about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to locate the soundest research on interventions for children from birth to age 22.
This report provides important guidance for professionals and families. You can read more here: