Raffle for Autism Source

The Autism Society announces the first ever “Raffle for Autism SourceTM”.


 Don’t know where to begin?
Unsure where to turn when faced with the challenges of autism?
Looking for resources in your community?


This is your chance to help us help those affected by autism and possibly turn that chance into a huge cash prize.

It is daunting for those living with autism to search dozens of websites and agencies hoping to find one that meets their needs. The Autism Society has done that work and is here to help through Autism SourceTM – our national contact center. For almost fifty years, Autism SourceTM has helped individuals with autism, family members and professionals negotiate the maze of services and supports and connects people to resources where they live. The grassroots nature of our organization is ideal – our affiliates are comprised of people who “get it,” and know local services best; they are perfectly positioned to provide real help right now to those in search of resources.

We need your support. We need to expand, improve and enhance our capabilities. Our national office averages 7,000 in-depth contacts a year. We have helped 70,000 people over the past ten years through our national contact center alone and our on-line referral database is used by 16,500 people each month, but the demand for information and support is greater now than ever in our fifty year history. Today, however, our resources are maxed out, our technology needs updating and our staff and affiliate leaders always need additional training in the latest industry standards. 21st Century problems need 21st Century solutions – with your help we can get there. As you may have guessed the investment to get us where we need to be is huge. That is why each raffle ticket gives you two chances – the chance to win one of eight great prizes and to help us help others. All net proceeds of this raffle will go towards updating, expanding and improving Autism SourceTM a vital resource to the autism community.

The top prize is $50,000. There are two second place prizes of $25,000 each and five third place prizes of $10,000 each. All of this for only $25 per ticket.

So take a chance for yourself, knowing that your “chance” provides certainty that we will be there to answer the call of those in need.

Click here to view raffle rules.