Scott’s Message

You may have heard the newest song, “Let me Take a Selfie”….highlighting the craze of taking self-portrait photos, “selfies”. Selfies are an expression of yourself, a message to the world indicating “here I am.” During National Autism Awareness Month (NAAM), we’re engaging in activities and outreach all month to let the world know “here we are,” working and striving towards a world where each person with autism is assured of the highest quality of life with full dignity, value and respect by all.

In the 1970s, the Autism Society recognized the growing need for concern and awareness about autism and responded with the first Autism Awareness Month. This event encouraged those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families to stand up and say “here I am,” to open up dialogue about what it means to live with autism and how we can do better in our country to ensure each person lives a life with full dignity, self-determination and opportunity. Although autism is no longer a hidden part of our society, there are still many across the country that have very little understanding about the opportunities and challenges for those living with ASD. Many in our country are still unaware of the services available for those with ASD and even more are in the dark that thousands sit on waiting lists, year after year, to receive services and supports for their loved ones. We must do more to educate and inform our nation. During this month, we will do just that by creating “A Better World for Autism” and talking about what we can do to create a better life for all those affected with ASD. While we address employment, living in the community and addressing safety issues relating to wandering throughout the month, we encourage you to stand with us and spread the word about National Autism Awareness Month. Based on the increased autism prevalence from CDC, action is needed now more than ever! Start creating a Better World for Autism by sharing your “selfie” with us.

Join me and my family this month and support the Autism Society during National Autism Awareness Month.

Remember: One person can make a difference and EVERYONE should try! John F. Kennedy

Scott Badesch, President/CEO