This week is critical for preserving and protecting the Medicaid program as we know it! The Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate’s Obamacare repeal and replace plan, strips Medicaid of much needed funding to provide care for our most vulnerable communities, and decimates an essential lifeline for millions across the country. The plan would lead to loss of critical home and community based services, more uninsured, which would compound current problems related to lack of coverage, and increased health care costs in an overburdened system. Help ensure this bill does not make it to the floor for a vote!


Please call your senators NOW urge them to reject any plan that caps and cuts Medicaid and strips necessary health care from those who need it most.  We want everyone to flood phone lines and let senators know how important the Medicaid program is to people with disabilities. Let’s keep up the pressure! Click here to view our official Medicaid Toolkit for talking points, sample emails, and suggested social media posts.

Every phone call, email, and social media post counts! No effort is too small.