With the beginning of 2018 upon us, it is noteworthy to reflect on all of the fantastic efforts accomplished by our Affiliates and how their work fulfilled the mission of “improving the lives of all affected by autism.”

Faced with many challenges and needs, including natural disasters, our Affiliates came through with shining colors. There are so many noteworthy events to mention and so much work that has gone into fulfilling our mission. Here is a sample of what our Affiliates have provided to their communities and the individuals in need.

Education – summer camps, bike programs, swim programs, scholarships, first responder trainings, transition planning, Affiliate conferences, parent training, Autism 101 courses, webinars, resource center collaborations, IEP training, service acquisition training and more!

Advocacy – local, state and federal legislative action support, Day on the Hill visits, community leaders involvement for assistance building Inclusive communities, campaign support and information dissemination, and more.

Community – Sensory-friendly films and holiday events, recreational events, safety programs, community fundraising and awareness events, building Inclusive Communities, housing development, collaboration with local businesses and sponsors, job development, surf camps, dances, proms and so much more.

Support – support groups for parents, siblings, caregivers and more, discussion forums, buddy groups, social support groups, lending libraries, direct family and individual support and more.

I&R – Affiliate teams, provide information and referral to the community from phone calls and emails, Affiliate presentations on specific need topics, online groups, mentors and more!

We see a future in which the Affiliates will continue their efforts and continue to grow with the changing population and meet the growing needs. Thank you for your enormous hearts and passion. Blessings to all for the new year!