Supporting our community and working to help individuals with autism gain meaningful employment, Autism Society Indiana provides career services to help individuals with autism obtain meaningful work and achieve their dreams and goals.

The career specialist at the Autism Society of Indiana not only works with individuals to find employment, but works with that individual to determine what it is they want to do based on their goals, dreams and interests. After determining a path, they work together to find employment that meets those goals and provides competitive wages.

The services offered include this evaluation and path determination, identification of experience, job shadowing to expose individuals to jobs and the work that is required for the positions. In addition, job readiness training is provided. This training can include training on job functions as well as ADL skills, appropriate behavioral skills and more. Additionally, on-the-job supports are provided on an hourly basis as needed to maintain a stable work environment and work relationships along with increasing job retention.

As our national faces an unprecedented rate of individuals with autism entering the workforce, support such as this is critical. This group of individuals is highly unemployed and underpaid. Thank you to Autism Society Indiana for this invaluable service to your community.

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