By Scott Badesch, President/CEO, Autism Society


February is a month of celebrations and events. Valentine’s Day,  Black History Month, Groundhog Day…coupled with major announcements such as the State of the Union address given by President Obama, there’s a lot going on!

At the Autism Society, we are looking forward to our own special event and celebrations coming in a few short months; whether it’s National Autism Awareness Month in April 2014 or our 45th Annual Autism Society National Conference in Indianapolis– we’re excited for the coming Spring and Summer activities!

However, excitement doesn’t take a backseat to the important work we are doing every day to ensure individuals with autism receive fair, equal and inclusive opportunities to improve their lives through work, learning and living. President Obama’s announcement during the State of the Union address to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors was applauded but unfortunately the subminimum wage workers, typically individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, will not receive those benefits. This has led the Autism Society to spring into action with its partners, signing on to a letter urging the Obama Administration to end the use of subminimum wage for employees with disabilities working for federal contractors through this executive order.

We couldn’t do the work we do, whether it’s celebrating an important event such as National Autism Awareness Month, planning a national conference or advocating for the equal treatment of individuals on the spectrum without your support. Your gifts of time, support and advocacy are key to ensuring we meet our mission of improving the lives for all living with autism.

Scott Badesch