As we enter the final month of 2015, I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for your continued efforts on behalf of all impacted by autism.

This has been a year of reflection and refinement for the Autism Society of America. In July, our board of directors approved a new comprehensive strategic plan that, once implemented, will transition the Autism Society into a stronger and even more effective organization focused on lifespan planning and supporting individuals living with an autism diagnosis from childhood into adulthood and beyond. Our goal is to ensure each person we serve is always valued, respected and provided the highest level of dignity.

In 2016, the Autism Society of America will expand our public policy efforts at the state and national level. Our goal is to ensure government is highly responsive and accountable to the needs of all impacted by autism in a manner that is effective and outcome based. Our vision is a more inclusive society where each person, regardless of disability, is appreciated and valued for the unique talents and gifts they have to offer to the world.

Since 1965, the Autism Society and our nationwide network of affiliates have answered the call for individuals and families in search of caring and knowledgeable support system where they live. We are stronger today because of you. As we look toward the future, we will be asking for your help in advocating for improved services and supports for people living with an autism diagnosis. In February, our affiliate leaders will descend on the Nation’s Capital to meet with members of Congress to demand strong public policy agenda for the autism community. And in July individuals with autism, families, and professionals will come together at the 47th Annual Autism Society National Conference and Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana. There is much in store for the Autism Society going forward and we look forward to your partnership as we work to maximize the quality of life of each and every person on the autism spectrum.

Wishing you peace, prosperity, and joy throughout the season.

Happy Holidays!

Scott Badesch