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Heading Back to School or Off to College? Tips, Resources for Transitioning Youth

The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability (NCWD) for Youth recently published a series of six tip sheets that provide youth with action steps for dealing with various life transitions and challenges. Each tip sheet begins with a series of questions geared toward helping youth determine the degree to which each topic is relevant to their lives. The tip sheets then provide background information on the subject matter, including definitions of key terms and reasons that the youth should consider making progress within that domain. Specific action steps are provided, and the tip sheets conclude with helpful supplementary information, such as additional resources. Visit the NCWD for Youth website for more youth development-focused publications

The tip sheets cover the following topics:

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) recently released a toolkit for college students titled “Raising Mental Health Awareness.” NAMI created the Raising Mental Health Awareness toolkit with all of the resources needed for a successful educational presentation and discussion about mental health. The toolkit provides presenters with an interactive presentation to better educate and inform college students about mental health, promotes student awareness and gets students talking. The toolkit includes a presentation guide, slides, fact sheets, marketing and outreach materials and more.

It can be easily downloaded and there are USB drives preloaded with the toolkit while supplies last. The best part is that the toolkit, presentation and resources can be used by college students with their peers or by other community members interested in raising the mental health dialogue on college campuses. More than 200 toolkits have already been distributed to students, faculty, faith-based communities and others interested in joining the national dialogue.

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