The beginning of the new school year is a time of transition, let the Autism Society’s Contact Center, AutismSourceâ„¢, be there for you! Here are a few tips from one of the great resources that we’d be happy to connect you with, from our Living with Autism series on transition brochure – Transition across Grade Levels:

• Before entering a new school, any anxieties the student may have about the new setting should be alleviated. Preparation for this move can be facilitated by providing the student with a map of the school, a copy of his or her fall schedule, a copy of the student handbook and rules, and a list of clubs and extracurricular activities.

• A videotape can be developed about the new school, providing written information about specific situations so that the student can learn and rehearse for the change at his or her own pace.

• Visitations should be conducted to allow the student and his or her family to meet relevant school staff, locate the student’s locker and become familiar with the school culture.

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