Yesterday’s health care vote delay was a small victory, but by no means is our work yet complete. Anything can happen between now and after the July 4th recess, so we must keep up the pressure! Our purpose is simple – defeat the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). Lives are at stake.

The BCRA is harmful to people with autism and other disabilities; the proposal radically alters our nationwide Medicaid system of care and strips essential services from America’s most vulnerable communities. If this bill passes, home and community-based services could cease to exist, including personal care attendants and rehabilitation and habilitative therapies – all essential long-term living services people with autism and their families rely on to lead healthy, independent, and fulfilling lives.

Take action NOW! Join the Autism Society of America for our special Friends and Family Call-in Day, today.  We need everyone to reach out to your senators and tell them to oppose proposed Medicaid cuts and vote NO on the BCRA. If your senator is already committed, focus your efforts on activating friends and colleagues in other states. Then ask a loved one to do the same. Use our toolkit for suggested messaging and additional information. Let’s make sure senators know people with autism are engaged and ready to stand up for access to quality, affordable care.