Today, ABC News brought to light the fact that the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing has been purporting to have a ‘Cure’ for autism. The church, it seems, has been advising parents to administer what was found to be a poison, industrial bleach, to thousands of children with autism across the country.

The Autism Society is firm in its stance that while some people and organizations will claim to have a cure or treatment, there is no known cure for autism. The use of industrial bleach on any individual is not only barbaric, it is morally and ethically unacceptable and shouldn’t ever happen. The Autism Society encourages the appropriate authorities to take action against those responsible to stop these terrible actions, and to help those affected by these unproven and highly dangerous approaches to ‘helping’ a person with autism.

The Autism Society seeks to improve the lives of all affected by autism. To that end, we provide information to guide individuals in making an informed decision when examining potential treatment options. More information can be found on our website:

Additionally, the Autism Society’s Autism Source contact center is available from 9a-9p Eastern time every weekday to provide information, and to refer you to local and regional resources which may be able to help you make the best decision for yourself, or for your child. You can reach Autism Source at 1-800-3-AUTISM.

The Autism Society constantly strives for a world where all those with autism are valued, treated with dignity, and are able to maximize their own quality of life. Any person or organization which purports itself to posses a cure for autism stands in stark contrast to our values, and our mission.