Recently a video surfaced of a teacher roughly snatching a microphone away from a student with autism, while that student was performing in his school’s Thanksgiving play. These actions stand in stark contrast to the values the Autism Society stands for.

We are continually advocating for the equal treatment of all those with autism, to help ensure that those with autism can live a full and fulfilling life, where they are respected and valued. The actions of this teacher should not go unnoticed or uncorrected. The Autism Society would encourage the school administration to fully investigate this incident, and ensure that proper actions are taken to ensure fair treatment of students with all disabilities, including those who have an autism diagnosis.

Autism Society president and CEO Scott Badesch said that “in today’s world, what this member of the school staff did to the student must never be accepted and the individual pulling the microphone must be held fully accountable for her behavior.  No one should ever be allowed to get away with this sort of behavior which shows a total lack of respect and value for a person with autism.”