By Mimi, Paperworks Studio


Marley is a young man who is full of an insatiable zest for all that is beautiful and possible.  He is a creative soul who loves music, art, decorating, cooking, traveling and talking with people.  Most people he encounters, in any given day, do not fully understand the complexities that make him so unique.  For these reasons, he has had to adjust – Marley has had to work very hard to assimilate into a world that does not fully accept his eccentricities.  It has taken a long time, and a lot of trial and error, to find Marley’s place in this world.  A place where he is accepted and appreciated; where he can demonstrate skills that are valuable and sought after; where he can be gently supported so that he can stay focused and get the job done.  Marley has found his place at Paperworks Studio.  At Paperworks Studio we endeavor, every day, not to think in terms of limitations, but to instead think in terms of possibilities.  That makes all the difference for Marley and his co-workers.

Outside of work, Marley enjoys going to music festivals with his family, playing his guitar and singing, decorating floats and building for special occasions and holidays, collecting store signs and making Christmas wreaths.  He has slowly learned that these hobbies need to have some parameters – some set limits and rules – in order to be socially acceptable.  He now sees the value of finding the balance in life, and not to have excess in any one thing.  Marley has become his own best advocate, learning to stand up for himself appropriately, make his needs known, and come to realistic compromise. 

Marley is creating a future for himself.  His transition from school to adult life has been one filled with new challenges and opportunities, and he is learning to meet them head on.  He envisions a full and exciting life for himself – where he can eventually live on his own, travel to exotic places, have a girlfriend, and continue to work at Paperworks Studio.