By Spencer’s Mom

I am a mom of a four year old boy with autism named Spencer!  He loves Toy Story and time with his friends at the Montessori Autism Program he attends in our hometown of Folsom, CA. 

Spencer was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three, but presented with symptoms as early as eighteen months of age.  At age three he was nonverbal.  He was often frustrated and cried a great deal of the time.  With a heavy heart I contacted our pediatrician to obtain a referral to Alta regional, California’s social program which helps children with developmental disabilities.  Through Alta, Spencer was evaluated.

After the evaluation, my suspensions that Spencer had autism were confirmed.  I never felt so lost or alone.  I feared that I may never have a close relationship with my son. I didn’t know how to reach him and I felt so helpless.

It’s been over a year now and with help from several special needs programs; I am happy to report Spencer is talking, making friends, and we have a wonderful relationship!  Spencer is doing so well!  We still struggle. Parenting a child with Autism is no easy task, but it feels twice as rewarding!  I’m so proud of all Spencer’s hard work and enjoy watching him grow.  I have hope now and a love not only for my son but for all kids on the spectrum.