By Rhayven

My name is Rhayven. I’m 20, and autistic. Granted, just speaking with me over the Internet, it wouldn’t really be given away.

It’s not a closely guarded secret or anything. Why should it be? It’s just that I can present myself easier over the web, and thus it’s not as noticeable.

In person, or on the phone? Then, not so much.

A lot of people seem to think of it as a horrible thing. With the way it’s portrayed in the media, I guess I can understand why, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m not by any means normal, but then again, what’s normal in the first place? I don’t see autism as a curse. I don’t see myself as broken. And I do not want a cure. In some ways it’s a gift, and in others, it’s a real pain. I suppose it’s all depending on whose viewing?

Some Autistics are great at math. Some have photographic memories, and can recall events in such detail, its baffling. Me? I’m a Poetess. It’s both my passion, and an outlet. It’s a gift. And it’s something I love.

My thinking, and the pattern in which I see, or at least recognize, some things is a bit ‘different.’ But again, I don’t much care. I am just a bit different and don’t want to give it all up just because society doesn’t like it.

To other young adults or teens with autism – it’s not a death sentence. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s by no means icky, or bad. Yeah, we may function differently. But it can be rewarding.