Senate leaders are quietly drafting health care legislation that guts critical Medicaid funding, endangering a vital lifeline for millions nationwide. Once completed, the bill is expected to hit the floor for a vote with little input from disability advocates or other communities impacted by devastating cuts to the program. Medicaid is the single largest provider of health care coverage in the country, ensuring 20 percent of the population can get care, work, and live independently.

Due to cost-sharing by the federal government and states, Medicaid cuts will significantly undermine states’ ability to provide health care to its most vulnerable residents. Individuals with disabilities and families stand to lose out on a variety of existing services and supports, including waivers for job coaches, personal care providers, and many programs critical to meeting basic needs. Cuts to Medicaid mean difficult choices regarding which services to cover and who receives care, placing the well-being of 23 million Americans at great risk.

Take action now! Contact your senators and share stories of people behind the numbers so all who rely on Medicaid can maintain access to essential care. Talk about how Medicaid improves your quality of life and those you love. Call 202-224-3121 and urge your senators to save Medicaid.