The Autism Society of America launched a Facebook Live series dedicated to providing relevant, COVID-19 information for the autism community. The weekly broadcast will feature an expert discussing specific topics like mental health, federal emergency funding, and continuing education at home.

Additionally, we have partnered with myHana, an organization provided educational programming support for caretakers, to co-host a second Facebook Live series. Experts will be discussing ongoing challenges for caretakers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tune in to our weekly episodes, with two chances to engage with experts, or watch at your convenience by accessing past episodes below.

Upcoming Facebook Lives:

June 18th @ 3pm EST on Facebook Live:

“Celebrating Autistic Pride Day”featuring Brigid Rankowski, Autism Society of Maine, international speaker, author & self-advocate.

June 25th @ 3pm EST on Facebook Live:

“Achieving Better Sleep During Stressful Times” featuring Ian Chambers, CEO of Moshi, a sleep and mindfulness app for children.

Past Facebook Live Videos:

You can view all of our past Facebook Live videos on Facebook HERE, or click each image below to visit a specific video with detailed commentary and details on each speaker below. Videos on this page are updated every week.