Please consider a donation to the Autism Society of Texas to help local autism community families as they face this disaster. The Autism Society of Texas is working hard to make sure affected families have the resources they need.

The Autism Society of Texas has set up a Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund for autism families. 100 percent of all contributions will be used to help individuals and families impacted by the hurricane who are also impacted by autism. Funds will be used for immediate short term needs such as helping individuals and families with flooding by providing temporary housing, cleaning supplies, food, clothing, sensory support items etc. If funds remain after helping on an immediate basis, then funds will be used for longer term recovery issues such as relocation, anxiety and stress related issues, etc. All funds will be tracked and a comprehensive report of use of funds will be made available to donors.

Flooding and wind damages to a family or individual impacted by autism often creates issues and problems beyond such safety, clean up, relocation, etc. While each family and individuals impacted by autism will have different issues, common challenges will be the sudden onset of change to a person’s life, loss of routine, loss of a familiar environment, etc.

Texas Autism Families: If you are displaced or having difficulties due to Hurricane Harvey, please see the following list of resources for shelter and support. You can also call our office at 512-479-4199 or the national Autism Source line at 1-800-3-AUTISM (328-8476). We will be monitoring the situation and offering help where we can. Please stay safe!